The Learning Resource Room
The Learning Resource Room

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Services I Offer:

 Math Assessment, Math Intervention, Math Instruction;

 Reading assessment, Reading Intervention, Multi-sensory Reading Instruction;

Study skills instruction; 

 Specialized methods and reading programs for learning disabilities

I offer multi-sensory Orton Gillingham based reading programs for such as

 Wilson and Spire; and can also offer Lindamood-Bell reading programs, which can be particularly effective in the development of phonemic awareness; but also address phonics, fluency, and comprehension. These programs have proven successful for addressing students with visual and auditory processing difficulties including dyslexia.

All programs are multi-sensory, and employ various forms of visual, auditory, and tactile/kinesthetic methodologies shown to be effective with learning disabled and dyslexic students

I also offer the Edmark Reading Program, which has been shown to be effective with cognitively disabled students, and those who must learn by the whole word method.

  My instruction is web based through a virtual classroom, so I can support students, parents and learning coaches anywhere.   


    I am Andrew Lasser, a private practice mild to moderate Special Education teacher, and Education Specialist. Reading, literacy, and basic math; assessment, instruction, and intervention, are my areas of focus. My teaching employs multi-sensory, Orton Gillingham based methods proven to be effective in the instruction of students diagnosed as learning disabled, or more popularly, dyslexic.

    Research has shown that a reading disability can be the product of many factors, spanning oral language development to comprehension and organizational strategies; some of which I will discuss on the following pages. In addition to oral language development, research has identified 5 general skills necessary for the development of reading competence: phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary  (sight words), fluency, and comprehension.  Personal experience has shown that a reading disability is central to academic failure, and can be a primary cause of behavior problems in school.  

    If you need a specialist with a focus on reading, literacy development, or basic math; I hold a California Professional Clear mild to moderate Education Specialist credential, and also a Cross Cultural Language and Academic Development certificate. You can verify this on the CCTC website. I also hold a Master's degree in Special Education, and can provide diagnostic assessment (both formal and informal), academic support, differentiated instruction, or specialized lesson plans to wide range of students with learning disabilities, adult learners, and learners of English as a second language. I am up to date on the latest research and policy developments, and have had considerable experience in the development of IEPs, and designing instruction to address students' IEP goals. I have a wide range of materials and methods to address reading problems at any level.

Reading, literacy and math are basic to educational success, and multi sensory instruction can bypass many learning disabilities.

 I provide web based assessment, instruction, and specialized lesson plans; and can also provide web based information and support for learning coaches through an online classroom.


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My rates are reasonable,

 Consultations are always at no charge

 Most instruction is web based through a virtual classroom

Assessments are done in person where possible 

Thank you for visiting; I look forward to hearing from you.

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