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   When planning activities for learning disabled and dyslexic students, it is best to plan for activities that involve multiple senses such as hearing, seeing, touching, and manipulation of materials. Multi - sensory integration often results in the best learning gains.

  There are several levels of skill sets necessary for the mastery of reading.  There are a number of activities that will strengthen each skill.  Good reading instruction, though, always begins with good assessment.  An important fact to remember though is that Dyslexic or learning disabled students need very structured specific repetitive, spiraling instruction. 

   Oral language skills are basic to reading.  Children build oral language by listening to good literature read aloud. Young children should listen to and discuss poetry, rhymes, and engage in extensive word play. 

If you are local to Kern, Ventura or Los Angeles county;  please contact me for help, referral, or information.  I also provide web based instruction, support, and materials to students, parents or tutors of learning disabled or dyslexic students.   

 These are some good learning activity sites, some charge and some don't.  This list is by no means exhaustive. 

If you find some good sites that should be added, please let me know 


Book Adventure

Aplus math Worksheets  Fractions

Official Crayola activity site

Brain Pop activity site

Preschool Rainbow counting rhymes

Discovery School Puzzle Maker

Kidzone Dolch  High Frequency Word List

Time 4 Learning Kids Games

Pencil and Paper Games

Eduplace Graphic Organizers

Education Oasis Graphic Organizers

Eduplace Wordsort

A A A; practical math

Read Write

similarities and differences training

spelling lists

Superkids   math Worksheets

Word plays and games

Alex's Paper Airplanes 

    Carl's Corner

                                                                                              Animated Sam Books
                                                                                  Educational Activities for Children








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