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  A good special education advocate is sometimes necessary to secure the proper services. These are some good advocacy sites that I have come across.  There are currently not very many, but I am hoping viewers will send more that they know of and I can add them to the list.

 I serve mostly through a web based virtual classroom. I am not always easy to reach, but if you and need  tutoring, support, materials, referral or information about services available to learning disabled and dyslexic learners; please e mail or call me. I will return your call though it may take a day or so.  I can also provide support via the web to parents and tutors anywhere. I perform academic assessment and work from ieps. I prefer that formal assessment be done in person, but limit these to the parts  Ventura, Kern and Los Angeles counties that are easily accessible to me



Learning Disabilities Association of America

Education World

National Association of Special education teachers

Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities  Education and Learning

Wrightslaw, Special Education Law and Advocacy

Association of Educational Therapists

Life Skills for Vocational Success

Special Education News

Pro Teacher Directory

Internet Special Education Resources

A-Z Homeschooling

Council for Exceptional Children

   Individuals with Disabilities Educational Act

        IEP Parental safeguards   

          Special Education Advocacy   


                                                                                   Special Ed Advisor                         


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