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    There are many instructional strategies that have been shown to be effective for learning disabled students.  Most involve an Orton-Gillingham  multi-sensory approach to instruction.  I am familiar with many of them, and adept at several.  
  Whatever method is employed, a careful diagnostic assessment and a  balanced approach to instruction is necessary to ensure success.  Research has shown that there are 5 basic areas of instruction to be addressed to promote reading comprehension:  Phonemic awareness; phonics; vocabulary; fluency; and comprehension.  There are specific sub-categories and instructional strategies at each stage.  These are some good instructional methodology sites that I have come across.  If you are aware of some others that could be added to the list, please let me know.



Creating a Cornell Notes Template

Division TEACCH Instruction Methods for Autism

Learning Style Inventory


                                                                       The Best on the Web for Teachers

                                                                             Teaching Resources for Special Ed

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